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American SESAMES Awards Winners

American SESAMES Awards


Organized by CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA, the American SESAMES Awards competition rewards the best technological innovations that span the entire sector.

Congratulations to the 3 winners!

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The members of the jury are all international experts in their category, chosen for their involvement in associations and organizations for the promotion and development of smart technologies.

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Card Manufacturing




Designed to eradicate credit card fraud, the Dynamics Hidden with DCVC1 and DCVC2 card features a cardholder-set unlocking code, ensuring only those knowing the code can use the card.  In addition to the PAN not being present on the face of the card until activated with the unlocking code, the magnetic stripe, EMV and NFC are blank until the correct code is entered creating the world’s most secure payment card.  Further, a tokenized magnetic stripe and dynamically changing CVC2 codes secure on and offline transactions.  The Dynamics Hidden card provides unprecedented security with every swipe, tap, and dip.

Emerging Payments





With the AS39230, ams offers a breakthrough solution for secure NFC mobile payments.  ams’ boostedNFC™ technology  delivers unparalleled NFC performance even in devices with room for only a tiny antenna. This technology delivers a consumer experience for contactless transactions/emerging payments that is easy, quick and completely reliable, while drastically improving NFC performance in challenging environments such as mobile and wearables.


OberthurFlying mPOS




OT’s Dynamic Security Code provides an extra layer of security for Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions and against payment card number theft. This technology replaces the static 3-digit security code usually printed on the back of a card, by a mini-screen that displays a code, which is automatically refreshed, typically every hour.

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